Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are Gout Attacks Driving You Insane?

Imagine someone suddenly sticking you with a hot fork in
your foot. That is what a Gout attack feels like. Gout pain
usually attacks your big toe, but can harm other joint
spaces as well.

When your Gout inflammation and swelling team up with the
sudden onset of excruciating pain, even while you are "in
between" gout attacks, you are usually stuck thinking
about the last attack until the next one strikes.

Chronic Gout can literally make you a nervous wreck and
even drive a person insane with pain, not to mention,
physically cripple you.

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Believe me Gout pain is one thing you cannot pretend away.
Once Gout grabs your attention, it keeps it and strangles
it until you can't even function right.

There you are, home from work, daily chores are done and it
is time to kick your feet up and relax. But, then it
happens. At first it is a sharp short "bite" of a
reminder, which lasts only a few seconds but feels like a
whole minute. Now you know your whole evening is ruined
because that "bite" was really just a nibble before the
Gout beast really tears in.

If you have gout, you know it is nothing to joke about. It
feels like something evil is eating away at your flesh and
your nerves, from the inside out!

No matter how hard you massage, or rub and hold the
attacked area; no matter how many bandages, wraps and hot
water bottles you apply - Gout pain and damage is
unstoppable, unless you have the right remedy.

You just can't protect yourself from an attack that is
happening "inside" your body by taking drugs to block
the pain.

That is why so many people get addicted to pain pills. The
sad thing is pain pills are known to cause permanent kidney
and liver damage.

You need to get the Gout out!

The Gout poison is created from eating too much animal
protein through the years. Add to that some good old
traditional alcohol plus maybe some Over-The-Counter drugs
(for previous aliments), and you have already over-burdened
both your kidneys and liver. This triggers a build-up of a
natural metabolic waste that your body usually eliminates
without any problem. The waste is called uric acid.

Because your body's waste elimination system (kidneys and
liver) is already over burdened, the worst thing a person
can do is react to a Gout attack by popping pain pills.
This can really do some serious tissue damage to your organ
tissues. Why add insult to injury by adding chemicals?

Blocking the Gout pain still ignores the root cause of the
Gout attacks in the first place. Ignoring the cause allows
more uric acid to accumulate in your joint fluid, which
then hardens into uric crystals.

When seen under a microscope these accumulating acid
crystals appear like tiny "javelins." The pain is
caused from fluid space that is normally for joint
lubrication getting filled up with these hardened,
poisonous and thorn-like javelins. As they grow in number
and size, they destroy nerve, tissue and eventually lead to
gross arthritis like damage.

Bottom line: Gout attacks are not caused from any sort of
drug deficiency.

Taking drugs actually feeds the Gout fire in the end.

If you have been heading down that dead end road and you
want to turn around, or if you know you are a perfect
candidate for the onset of Gouty arthritis and you want to
reverse your pattern early, I can point the way.

Natural remedies are called remedies because they
"remediate," which by definition is the act, or
process, of correcting a fault or deficiency.

Most people think remedies are some mystical force or some
secret potion. But, the truth is remedies are usually a
perfect example of common sense, except in a more "targeted"
sense of the word.

A true Gout remedy is simply a recipe to restore
"specific" nutrients and co-factors that your body needs
to promote the normal function of your blood, kidney and
liver cells.

The most important ingredient of the best gout remedy on
earth is you. If you are happy running to another person,
whether it is a doctor, a pharmacist or who ever, then you
do not need a remedy.

But, if you are like most Americans and are willing to take
control of your own life, if you are ready to transform
your health and wellness right now or, if you are sick and tired
of being sick and tired, then a proven Gout remedy is
exactly what you need.

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To Your Health,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gout Remedies . . . Beyond The Cherry

Most people thought that the best gout cure was cherries, but they were wrong! The newest research is revealing a better solution for your gout symptoms. Though cherries do work and have been researched thoroughly, a new natural health treatment can make you feel like gout is a thing of the past.


Let me explain.
A Natural Gout Cure… Cherries
For many years, those red delicious cherries we all love have been thought to help control and decrease gout symptoms. Over 50 years ago a doctor named Ludwig Blau stated announced a cure for one of the oldest diseases known to man, gout. Dr. Blau suggested that eating about 8 cherries a day would cure gout.
Though many thought Blau discovered the cure for gout; he was wrong. Currently there is no cure for gout. However, modern research studies have shown that Blau was correct with his cherry remedy. We now know that cherries contain anthocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties that work in the same way NSAIDs do.
In other words, cherries work to reduce the inflammation that causes gout pain by reducing the uric acid that causes gout. And cherries are much better than NSAIDs because cherries cure the cause of gout. And NSAIDS only treat the symptoms (inflammation).
However, many gout sufferers have found that eating as many as 40 cherries isn't the most convenient remedy. And now researchers believe that cherries are not the only gout cure that works.
The Most Effective Treatment for Gout
Gout was once thought to be caused by an unhealthy diet and excessive alcohol. This was sort of true but there are many other causes as well. By looking at all the causes of gout, natural health doctors have been recommending a natural cure for gout that works nearly all the time.
If you would like to start taking your health more serious and cure gout naturally, here are 5 tips you should know about a natural cure for gout.
1. Dieting! Most people who cure gout do it with a healthy diet! Some of our customers have lost up to 50 pounds of weight by knowing what foods their body needs to treat gout. You should keep a food journal and keep note of what foods cause high uric acid levels. Stay away from purine-rich foods like: red meats, alcohol, fish and beans.
2. Vitamins! Did you know that most gout sufferers are deficient in 3 key vitamins that are essential for flushing uric acid? You should begin supplementing vitamins A, B5 and E which are in many fruits and vegetables. Many of our customers simply eat various fruits which contain these vitamins plus anthocyanins (flush uric acid).
3. Flush! Are you flushing everyday? I'm not talking about the toilet but about your body! Did you know that you can literally flush your body of many impurities with water and a high fiber diet? Flushing benefits your body by keeping the bad stuff out, like uric acid. A Gout Remedy Report explains more about this.
4. More Acids! Surprisingly, ascorbic acid is also very beneficial to flushing uric acid. Did you know that ascorbic acid is also another name for vitamin C? Vitamin C is also a simple natural remedy that has helped many gout sufferers.
5. Natural Remedies! By using an assortment of simple natural remedies like cherries, baking soda, or common herbs, you may never have to deal with another gout attack again. Our Gout Cure Treatment suggests the top seven natural remedies for gout.
You're 2 Hours Away from a Natural Cure
Are you tired of dealing with the pain? Are you tired of paying for over-priced pain killers that do nothing for flushing uric acid levels? Do you want a guaranteed treatment?
If you would like the only 100% satisfaction guarantee on a simple gout cure, please visit our website today. We will provide you with a step by step method of how to cure gout symptoms in hours. For the best research, simplest, most effective remedy, visit us today!
Gout Cure. . . Beyond The Cherry


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is The Medicine Worse Than The Cure?

I am here to tell you about a natural remedy that is
guaranteed to make you wonder why your doctor didn't tell
you about it. Then, on the other hand, it is pretty obvious
why your doctor didn't, because that's not his job, is
it? But, seriously, promise me you won't get too angry
with your health practitioner, it's really not their
fault. They can only practice what they're told to
practice, right?
When your health is at risk there's no time for Tom
foolery, you've got to get down to the cause and nip it
in the bud. So you've been suffering from painful gout
attacks have you? Well, allow me to give you a new
perspective on the solution to what plagues you.

The Ailment: gout, hyperuricemia or gouty arthritis,
whatever you call it doesn't matter, it's hell. Most
people will reach for whatever the doctors and pharmacists
tell them to take. And well, all those gimmicks seem to
imply that you just need to keep taking them. But if they
are medicines, aren't they supposed to help stop what
causes the problem? But they don't, in fact the gimmicks
and quick fixes available may be making it worse, plus
adding complications that you didn't have in the first
Typical Medication: Most people try over-the-counter (OTC)
medications like Tylenol or stronger analgesics to block
the pain signals. Unfortunately, acetametiphen products
deplete crucial antioxidants like glutathione and can
inhibit the elimination of uric acid levels. Secondly,
people turn to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
(NSAIDS), colchicines, and corticosteroids. Finally, the
doctor will take out the top shelf pharmaceuticals to
manage your metabolic derangement causing your gout pain
and swelling.
The Horrifying Reality: Gout is triggered from severe
dehydration. That was simple, wasn't it? Of course you
need to find out the best way to stop being dehydrated and
there are many things you need to know before you start
guzzling pitchers of water. Other factors include being
over weight, alcohol consumption, gout causing foods and
gout causing medications and even aspirin.
Colchicines can cause stomach aches, nausea, vomiting and
severe diarrhea. Corticosteroids have well known long term
side effects. Other medications the doctors may resort to
if you don't get rid of your uric acid levels or gout
pain can cause kidney stones and acute dehydration. Some
uric acid medications such as allopurinol can worsen acute
inflammation imagine that. And finally, yet importantly,
aspirin actually prevents the kidneys from excreting uric
acid. Makes you think, doesn't it?
So, there you go your remedy might simply be to stop popping
aspirin, Excedrin or Tylenol. Now do you see how amazing
natural remedies can be? You can stay healthy by following
your body's lead. Its gotten you this far so don't give
up yet. If you really want the whole story on how you can
turn your life into a walk in the park, click the link
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Bottom Line: If you want to take chemicals to block your
pain that's your business. However, if you are ready for
a real solution without negative side effects and you want
guaranteed results, simply click on the link below to order
your Gout Remedy Reportâ„¢. Everything will be explained
that needs explaining. Fact is you're here because
nothing else has really worked. So, stop putting it off and
start saving your money and time, act now.
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